• Istanbul is one of the unique cities of the world with one foot in Asia and one foot in Europe. Being the only city that served as the capital of 3 different empires, namely Ancient Rome, Byzantium and Ottoman Empire, the city continues to be the center of culture, art, architecture and politics for centuries. Istanbul, which is among the most important and largest metropolises of the world, has valuable works of art with its city history dating back 3,000 years. These works, which have witnessed many events throughout history, are shown among the masterpieces of architecture and art, challenging the ages, are located in the European and Asian continents of Istanbul. From world-famous basilicas to magnificent palaces, from unique towers to magnificent mosques, Istanbul's historical monuments are fascinating We give the oppurtunity of coming Istanbul. Options of the Istanbul tour: 1)Just a Fligth Option:You have only fligth ticket on this option. 2)Hotel and Transfer:This option includes that hotel resevations and transfer.But also we give you the 2 days Istanbul tour as a gift. Optional: - We are offering shopping: tour and that includes transfer and translator services.Also we are taking you to the best outlets to shop.In the other hand you have the oppurtunity of the best prices because of the agreements between the companies and SunYard. -Optional bosphorus tour:You can enjoy of the amasing bosphorus on the yatch with limitless alcohol and food.